Jan 12, 2012

LESSology Challenge #9: Creative inspiration from Amy Tsuruta and Lisa Saunders! :)


Let's see what design team members Amy Tsuruta and Lisa Saunders came up with for LESSology Challenge #9: Inspiration Board.

Amy Tsuruta

Hello!  Amy T here sharing my LESSology Challenge #9 project:

Inspiration Board

It's funny how the creative process is for me, and I'm guessing for a lot of others.  I totally had something in mind for my project...years ago my son was Elvis for Halloween...absolutely hilarious...he walked around with his portable karaoke machine...his outfit was made by a friend of mine..white sweats...jeweled up...flared pant legs...popped up collar..oy, so cute.  Anywho's, so one year for Christmas I bought him a cheesy framed Elvis...it now sits in the garage...its a staple at my never ending garage sales but nobody wants to take him home:(  I was going to alter that into my Inspiration Board project but then something else popped in my mind:

Embroidery Hoops

One year my friend gave me a bunch of hers because I had mentioned I was looking for some and well, she's crafty too in the sense with fabric etc so she had tons of the hoops in her stash.

Remember my sneak peek from Monday?

This is the finished project...well actually it isn't 'finished'...


That is my 2012 word.

The embroidery hoop is 10.5 inches in diameter so it's pretty big...it's meant for me to use straight pins to  keep those special trinkets/memories about 2012 that will motivate me to thrive through the year and that have helped me to grow during the year.

The blooms are made by my bloggie friend Sherry....she does lovely work eh?  The fabric that everything is nestled on is vintage....I picked up a pretty large piece of it from a Japanese rummage sale that I use to go to on an annual basis...sadly they don't have them anymore...rummage sales are a great way to pick up recycled items...someones trash is another person's treasure. 

I look forward to seeing YOUR inspiration board!!!

Lisa Saunders

I like being and feeling organised.
Over the Christmas break I had been thinking of ways to make our household run smoother. The kids are getting older now and need to start helping out more. Plus they are wanting pocket money and we feel this should be earnt not just given.

So my inspiration board doubles up as our weekly planner.

It's rather large, measuring about 45x60cm and I've used my favourite papers, My Minds Eye Lost and Found. I love these colours. To me they are happy are soothing and just make me feel good.
It's about to be hung on the kitchen door so that everyone can see what's planned, the kids can see if they have any chores to do and the very last piece of frame is where I will make a note of the pocket money they have earnt.

Texture to me is really important when creating. I don't like 'flat'. I love the glittered details on these papers. Although each piece of frame is behind a piece of glass (for me to write on) I have added chipboard embellishments on the top to add my texture.

I love that something so practical and helpful is made using my favourite colours and papers.
Hopefully I will be full of inspiration now each morning when I get up and head into the kitchen.

A great start and challenge for me in 2012.
Happy New Year ladies.

Hope you have been inspired by the design team to create your entries for LESSology Challenge #9: Inspiration Board!  :)


Ros said...

Totally adorable!!

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Ohhhhhhh Lisa and Amy... these are BOTH FABULOUS!! I loveeeeeeeeeeee them! :):):):):):):):):):):)

~amy~ said...

Fabbie project Lisa!!!

Art From The heart said...

Both are wonderful ideas,thanks for sharing.

Audrey Frelx said...

Fabulous projects!!!

I have some old embroidery hoops laying around somewhere -- what a great way to use them!!! TFS!

Kirsty Vittetoe said...

Great and awesome work team!!!!!!

Mynn xx said...

Oh my gosh! STUNNING work--these projects are AMAZING!!! LOVE the idea of using embroidery hoops! And the multiple picture frame is awesome!

Sherry Eckblad said...

love this idea! Great use of an embroidery hoop and those flowers you have been hoarding!

Dora said...

Those are stunning girls!

Linda said...

Oh what great ideas!