Mar 4, 2015

LESSology Challenge #45: Creative inspiration of Tone-Lill Angelskår

 photo Challenge-45-Ribbon-Fantasy-Design-Team_zps3lrznpxa.jpg

Are you ready for another round of creative inspiration, altered enthusiasts? Shall we see what design team member Tone-Lill Angelskår did for LESSology Challenge #45:Ribbon Fantasy?

 photo Design-team-member-Tone-Lill_zpsc4fe841d.jpg

Hello there , are you ready to play along with our Ribbon Fantasy challenge?
Pull out some fun, colourfull and crazy patterned ribbons and be creative with at least one upcycled item/product

Here are mine ... old IKEA jar I have used in the kitchen for tea bags, some  blue Sizo Web which are leftovers  from my nephew' s confirmation, and a pink flower from an easter bonnet my DD made in 6th grade at school.

...and here is the finished Jar, decorated with fun and colourful ribbons

The big bow ribbon was used as  christmas present wrapping and as a hoarder I am, I kept it for a rainy day ;)
The lid was  first covered with the blue sizo web using hot glue to make it stick properly, and then the
lace trim was glued down  around the edge, finishing off with the flower and some "bling".

Like the lid, the jar was first covered with the blue sizo web and then the ribbons were wrap around using hot glue to make it stick properly.

  and now the jar is used to keep my rolls of  metal wire, all in one place :)

We would love to see your creative ideas, and what you come up with using ribbons and at least one upcycled item :)


Suman Pandit said... the blue web and the music notes hearts tucked in !!

SD pooja said...

Beautiful !!

Lizzy Hill said...

I really like that big flower on top...& the blue web is YUM!!! Cute up cycle!!!

Lizzyc said...


Unknown said...

Fun colors and project. Thanks bunches for sharing! j