Apr 4, 2012

LESSology Challenge #13: Creative projects of Mandy Dodd, Julie Tucker-Wolek and Lynnda Hosni


Ready for another round of creative inspiration from our fabulous design team? Check out how Mandy Dodd, Julie Tucker-Wolek and Lynnda Hosni interpreted LESSology Challenge #13: Chest of drawers.

Mandy Dodd

Hi it's Mandy here with my interpretation of the 'Chest of Drawers' challenge...

I had a couple of these cardboard boxes that I'd bought some cute little icecream spoons in.  I wanted to throw these boxes away, but something made me hold onto them 'just in case' (I'm sure you understand that feeling!)  Just as well!  They are perfect for this challenge!

This is one of the boxes, it looks like a little single drawer.

Just undo the outer casing and remove the transparent window

Cover with paper and replace the window

Lucky the drawers were the right colour blue or else I'd be painting them!
Place a contrasting paper insert in the bottom of the tray

Looks pretty to see the two patterned papers working well together

 Next, cover the casing of the second box

 And I've covered the rippled insert for this drawer (remember it had spoons- this is handy!) Now it has dividers! 

Finished by adding some lace and stacking on on the other!

Thanks for taking the time to look and I cant wait to see what fabulous creative drawers you come up with!


Julie Tucker-Wolek

Hi everyone! As soon as I read this month's challenge, I knew what I wanted to do!! When I was a child, my maternal Grandmother gave me a little chest of drawers that belonged to her - and I have treasured it all these years.  Well, it has seen it's better days (My Mom has told me that my Grandma was born in 1905, and she was given this chest of drawers when she was a child - so it's almost 100 years old!!), so I decided it was time for a make over to have my give to my daughter Brookie!

Here is what the chest of drawers looked like -


And then I painted it - and since I wanted to keep it with an antique 'look' - I misted it while it was still wet - and then took a paper towel and dabbed it to have some of the original black show through (kind of like a crackle paint look)


And here is my finished project!!

And some close ups -

I wanted the top to look like the top of a dresser - 

 The back side -

I even lined the inside with papers - I am planning on putting my daughter's Barbie clothes in it -

 Can't wait to see what you create for this challenge!



Hello Ladies!!!

I am pretty excited today…as it is my 1st reveal project as part of the DT Design Team !!!  Woohoo….!!!
Okay… since this is my 1st…I decided NOT to do the clich√© …. Hah!!! Nothing really fancy… - I decided to do a little mini chest of drawers!!! Super Cute, even my son Matin loves it!!!!... [Actually it's his NOW!!]
Here we go….
1.       I found the match box template from Kell Belle studio blogspot
2.       Walla!! These are the ready match boxes… PP used crate & Echo Park.
3.       As part of LESSology criteria – Each project should incorporate at least [1] recycling or upcycling  And I decided to use the Glue Dots Packaging for the cabinet
4.       After I dolled-up the packaging…

You can fill up the drawers with yummy goodies...just like what I did here....

I really had so much fun creating this chest of drawers!!!
This could be a gift box… and the beauty of this box is you can fill them with tons of LOVE...like petite flowers, buttons, brads, stickers and many more….

So don’t wait… come along and join me and the rest of the team over @ LESSology… I so look forward to seeing what you create for this month challenge – “Chest of Drawers”

Super fun ideas from the design team! Have some ideas spinning in your head right now? We would love to see your take on LESSology Challenge #13: Chest of drawers. Please read our challenge rules to ensure eligibility for our prizes. :)


Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Love love love love your projects Mandy and Lynnda!! GORGEOUS!

Lynnda said...

WOW WOW WOW... LESSology Design team is the bEST!!! I love Mandy's and Julie's projects .... Beautiful!!!... what I really love most... the idea of upcycling and recycling!!! Totally Awesome!!!... Hugs...xoxo

Kirsty Vittetoe said...

Wonderful projects, you gals ROCK!!!!!

~amy~ said...

Awesome job ladies!!!

Linda said...

This is so cool Mandy! I love that you added those lovely flowers.Such a pretty project. Great use of those boxes.

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