Sep 6, 2012

LESSology Challenge #18: Creative inspiration from Amy Tsuruta, Shahrul Niza, Audrey Pettit and Mandy Dodd


Are you enjoying the gift-wrapping ideas so far for LESSology Challenge #18: It's a Wrap! ....and working hard on your own projects? Today we get to see even more amazing projects from design team members Amy Tsuruta and Shahrul Niza. And to sweeten the deal, we also have projects from alumni team members Audrey Pettit and Mandy Dodd! :)

Hi All....Amy T here to share my It's a wrap project!

I'm a huge fan of altering tins...combine them with an upcycled Starbucks coffee sleeve and they make wonderful packaging for a gift:

The sleeve, deconstructed, makes for a perfect 'belly band' on the hinged tin:

The exposed corrugated cardboard is a wonderful starting point for any type of embellie!

I loaded it up with Basic Grey's Paper Cottage Collection!

Do you see the inner wrap?  It is actually an upcycled department store bag from Japan!  My mom gave it to me with something she was returning to me...she had it in her stash which came over to my stash:)

Peel back the inner wrap and  BAM....Tea for Two!

I can't wait to see how you're inspired by LESSology Challenge #18: It's a wrap!


Hello all,
Who wouldn't be excited about making gift boxes and prettying up packages?. Thrilled to come up with some unique gift wrapping ideas, I've been busy searching for old containers to be used for this month's up-cycling project!. Armed with some of my favorite fabric yoyos and paint, I started working :). Here is what I made...

Basically, I primed the round box with black gesso before painting it all with white acrylic paint. Sanded the edges to give it a worn-look. Then I glued on some pretty fabric yoyos around the box and later tied them up with waxed string. The fabric yoyos are practically my 3D gift wrapper!. Lastly, I secured a large silk rose with a brad onto the lid.

This little banner of fabric yoyos tied up with string simply makes me smile.

A silk rose on top. 

Inspiration behind this project is actually those pretty fabric yoyos themselves!. I have always kept them in my stash for a quick embellishment on mini albums. Every now and then, I would make some whenever I found beautiful fabrics. And now, they give a unique 'homemade' feel to my gift wrapping project :). 

Can't wait to see all the creative goodness from you next. Have fun wrapping!

Audrey Pettit 

My daughter recently made a small electronics purchase that came with a nice, sturdy box just perfect for gift giving. 

Although the box had printing on it from the manufacturer, I knew I could cover that with a few coats of gesso. Then it was quick work to add a strip of box-pleated patterned paper trimmed with paper doily to the top and tie it all up with a piece of satin ribbon I had saved from a previous gift box. 

I added a snowflake topper to the bow made from layered die cuts and strips of recycled corrugated cardboard. The topper is super easy to put together, and makes a great removable ornament that your gift recipient can enjoy for years to come.

To make the snowflake, simply cut 4 strips of recycled cardboard to your desired size. My strips are approximately 1/4" x 5", but you can change the size up to make larger or smaller ornaments. Lay the strips in crosses and staple the center to hold all the pieces together. Paint the ornament, if desired, and add touches of crystal clear glitter to each arm. Layer die cuts together using foam adhesive between each layer. Top with a button tied with twine and add the die cuts to the center of the ornament. Add a cardstock sticker banner and tie the ornament to the center of your bow.

  Mandy Dodd

Do you love tissue paper for wrapping gifts?  I LOVE it, and whatsmore, I’ll recycle it.  (Nothing a hot iron can’t un-crease!) I also LOVE confetti – there’s something about the ‘joy’ it represents!   Confetti almost always accompanies a celebration oozing much happiness.

So thinking, thinking, thinking – how can we work the two together!

Make some confetti with the hole-punch in colours you love, and make the confetti out of the scraps we all have in a box or folder somewhere!

Out with the sewing machine…. 

Fold a full piece of tissue paper together and using zigzag stitch, sew around the edges.  It’s quite striking. Leave a little gap as this is where you will pour the newly made confetti through, then sew the gap up and also sew down the side where the fold is to give it a ‘finished’ look.

Shake the confetti around inside the enclosed tissue paper so it evens out….

Finish off with a little gift card printed from a piece of Lino from an art shop – carved into a line of little Christmas trees. (tutorial for this shown here). 

Ooooh...don't you just love how different and awesome each of these projects are? We would love to see your version of gift-wrapping! Come join us for LESSology Challenge #18: It's a Wrap! :)

Please leave a little love for these lovely talented ladies! 

P/s: Come back tomorrow for another round of creative inspiration - this time from our guest designers....and a special giveaway! :)


Shahrul Niza said...

Mandy, I'm awed! What a smart idea to have beautiful confetti pieces tucked underneath :). So happy just looking at the wrap. Audrey, I'm loving your handmade snowflake so much. You're making me craving for cinnamon sugar sticks now! :). And Amy, what a trendy tea pouch!. Just lately I made a Tea Time Notes mini album myself and I'm ALL celebrating tea this week :). AMAZING projects, ladies!

Lynnda said...

LAdies ... You are amazing!!! Love them all... such a brilliant ideas!!! Beautifully made..hugs...xoxo

Deborah Long said...

What fantastic ideas! I am definitely going to start saving my coffee sleeves!

~amy~ said...

Awesome projects ladies!!!!!

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Wowwwwwwwwwwwwww!!! You have all blown me away!!!! These are all GORGEOUS!!!!!!!

mandysea said...

thanks so much ladies for your lovely comments... it was so much fun! AND how fabby are all these wonderful ideas - not only on this post but the previous posts too!

I'm armed with great inspiration now!!


Audrey Pettit said...

LOVE all these fabulous ideas! You ladies ROCK!

sandi said...

Wow these all look fabulous! Very creative ladies!

Audrey Frelx said...

Beautiful jobs!!! Ladies, you did amazing projects!

maria f. said...

Just love that confetti/tissue wrapping. What a beauty.