Feb 4, 2016

LESSology Challenge #55: Creative inspiration of Mitra Pratt

 photo Challenge-55-Pretty-Tassels-design-team-projects_zpsomxtzwyk.jpg

Have you been rummaging your stash for a pretty tassel or two to play along with LESSology Challenge #55: Pretty Tassels? How about checking out what design team member Mitra Pratt created?

 photo Design-team-member-Mitra_zpse5c48df0.jpg

Totally dig how an upcycled curtain tie back complete with tassel, used wooden heart frame, and a couple of vintage hankies came together to make a cool angel! I also ventured into something new...painting on glass! The tassel is for our current challenge here at LESSology! Hope you get a chance to play along! All this upcycling is really quite addicting!

That little shimmery angel head used to be a light bulb. I really had been trying to find a spray paint that was opalescent and was coming up short. 

I did find a glass paint that had that shimmer I wanted so I painted the light bulb and baked it using the instructions on the bottle. I'm loving the color! I did add a little gold spray paint to match the frame. And to think I was just going to throw out that little bulb...

Check out the texture on that frame. 

I embossed a little foil tape, added it to my frame and then painted over it. Really love that look!

You can see that behind the angel is some material. Since I cut the hankie in half, I was able to use the other half as a backing on the frame. The wings are a wood applique I purchased from Wood & What-Knots of Character. They got inked up and then i added some glitter! The wings were the only new thing I used besides those Petaloo flowers. Love Petaloo flowers and their velvet leaves!

Loving this piece! Hope you get a chance to make something & hang with us at LESSology!

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Lisa said...

You are the queen of hankie Angels! Or just angels in general. This is beautiful. I have some hankies somewhere. You just have a way of making ideas pop up in my head! I think I'll be making pretty things in my dreams again tonight!