Aug 3, 2016

LESSology Challenge #61: Creative inspiration of Lisa Bzibziak

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Hello friends! Have you been gathering up your paper/fabric bags to create something fabulous for LESSology Challenge #61: Bag Collector? Have a look at how designer Lisa Bzibziak saved an old burlap bag from the trash bin and turned it into a piece of art!

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This month's Lessology Challenge was a no brainer for me!  A few months ago my sons were visiting and we stopped into a second hand store.  As they were bagging up the many treasures we picked out, they used this bag leftover from someone's vacation to bag up some of our items.  It was in slightly better shape than this as I had started cutting it apart before I thought to take a pic but it was mostly torn and in pretty rough shape.

I hung onto it because I had this idea to make it into a wall hanging because I thought the design on it was interesting and then along came this month's Lessology Challenge:


So I washed the bag and then let it air dry as it's made of a burlap material.  Then I cut it apart... I cut the front to use for this project and saved the back piece for later... I mean... who can't use some extra burlap??  Originally I was planning on stapling it onto the 12x12 canvas but it turns out the doublesided redline tape works very well and allowed me to stretch the material around the canvas where I wanted it and then I can hide a few well placed staples on the back.

I used some acrylic paint to pull the skull and Ace of Spades to the front so the rest of the decorations wouldn't overpower them as much.  I also colored in the leaves that were printed on the bag in green with my previously purchased Neon Sharpie.

And then I embellished away with some paper flowers and leaves I cut with my Cricut, and a few other items from my stash.  My Sis-in-Law gave me a little baggy of rusty keys she found at her house-everyone always brings me their "garbage".

I wanted to pretty up the edges of the frame since there were lots of tears and holes in that part of the bag so I used some more redline tape and wrapped some gold ribbon around the edges.

So I'm pretty happy with my new wall art that I'll put on the wall in one of our guest bedrooms and see if the boys notice it when they come for their next visit... after all... they did roll their eyes when I told them I had plans for the ratty old thing.

I can't wait to see what you make!


SD pooja said...

Unique wall hanging ! Lovely way to upcycle a fabric bag.

~amy~ said...

LOVE this Lisa! Awesome upcycling!

Curls N Twirls said...

Wow. Wow. Wow. Can't help take my eyes away from this beauty! Its so gorgeous. The red flower just brought out the vibrancy and the zing in it!

Lizzy Hill said...

TOTALLY cool and just amazing! Love every bit of it....such creative recycling!!!