Mar 10, 2016

LESSology Challenge #56: Creative inspiration of Mitra Pratt

 photo Challenge-56-Hand-letterd-love-design-team_zpsovf0yjl2.jpg
Are you rummaging through your stash to find something fun to incorporate on your project? Why not check out what design team member Mitra Pratt cooked up this month for LESSology Challenge #56: Hand-lettered Love?

 photo Design-team-member-Mitra_zpse5c48df0.jpg

Everything in this little sculpture is upcycled with the exception of the two blue roses and that spanish moss. The faucet handles were pulled out of my hardware stash, the gold tulip shape came from a candlestick, the glass base was previously a votive holder (and was flipped upside down & spray painted) and the light bulb was one that was headed for the trash and previously lit a fish tank. Gotta love turning all that junk into something motivational!

Since this is the handwriting challenge here at LESSology, let's start with the bulb that was painted with glass paint and a bit of gold spray paint. I used epoxy to attach a finial to the top. Who knew a sharpie would write on glass paint...had to try! Accented it with a white chalk marker. 

It says:  A candle loses nothing by lighting another candle.

It's been my motto these days. 

 I really do think that lamp finial is the rock star on this piece. It really added the extra umph I needed and took away the phallic look I had going! Of course the blue and green faucet pieces paired up with a paper accordian flower are pretty cool too.

I've been enjoying this in my window all month and I'm glad I finally get to share my creation with you! Maybe you'll have a chance to play along with us at LESSology! 


SD pooja said...

Another one of Mitra's very Interesting Projects !!Its AWESOME !

Lizzy Hill said...

Simply sensational....didn't notice the phallic thing...except now you've mentioned it!!!!

Lisa said...

This is just amazing. I feel like I need many faucet pieces now. I need a faucet! You have got me looking at so many things twice now thinking...hmmmm.. Is that something I might wish I didn't throw away someday. I'm not!