Nov 11, 2016

LESSology Challenge #64: Creative inspiration of Lizzy Hill

 photo Challenge 64 Lets get organized Design Team_zpsafqkzpnc.jpg

Are you into organizing your life in a planner? Let's have a look at design team member Lizzy Hill's pretty organizational planner for LESSology Challenge #64: Let's get organized! :)

 photo Design-team-member-Lizzy_zps8033ad7b.jpg

For a while I've been wanting to try out the Planner / Organiser / Diary idea. But I was uncertain if I'd stick with it.... surprisingly, I have & it's slowly developing  - here's a few of my early pages:

I had an 8x8 binder, not being used. Just til the end of the year, this is what I'm using.
Instead of buying ready made pages, I've gotten free downloads & printed them off. I didn't want to waste money buying inserts at this stage.

The inserts have been printed on those sheets you get with your 12x12 plastic pockets.
I had literally hundreds & found them too flimsy for scrap layouts.
It's nice to finally be able to cut them up and use them.

 I wanted  a space I could throw in some photos, or tell a story as well as being a planner.
This works for me!

The blue arrows on the right have been cut out of packaging!

I can blame Sandra S on getting me 'going' with this one! That's a post it note. Love using non-scrapping stuff in my scrapping!!!

This is the front page...... gotta have a bit of 'pretty' in one's life!!!!

I've even thrown some plastic sleeves in! That's the beauty of a file folder. You can add what you like.

So there you have it! My attempt at organising my life, LOL!!!
Hoping you can join us with your organisational ideas this month, whatever they are!!!
Cheers ~ Lizzy ♥♥♥

Nov 10, 2016

LESSology Challenge #64: Creative inspiration of Mitra Pratt

 photo Challenge 64 Lets get organized Design Team_zpsafqkzpnc.jpg

Why organize your warranty info in a plain old folder when you can make your pretty like design team member Mitra Pratt's take on LESSology Challenge #64: Let's get organized

 photo Design-team-member-Mitra_zpse5c48df0.jpg

I was in love with the cardboard three ring binders I got from a training class. So much so I'm still hoarding a couple!

This one came out to play with our challenge here at LESSology to get organized! In a couple of weeks I'll need this folder to store all the warranty info from appliances on the house I'm working on.

Enjoyed pulling out a summer paper packet and glamming it up with gold doilies, washi tape, and some sequins.

These little flowers were upcycled. I just cut them off the stems, dusted them off a little and added some gold paint to their edges. So pretty!

Look at how cool that looks! Not bad for a freebie folder! Now I kinda want to make another! Hope you get to play along with us this month at LESSology! HUGS!

Nov 9, 2016

LESSology Challenge #64: Creative inspiration of Lisa Bzibziak

 photo Challenge 64 Lets get organized Design Team_zpsafqkzpnc.jpg

There are definitely lots of fun things around your home that you can use for LESSology Challenge #64: Let's get organized. Shall we check out what design team member Lisa Bzibziak was inspired to create? 

 photo Design-team-member-Lisa-Bzibziak_zpsadlosbpk.jpg

This month at LESSology it's all about getting organized.  I'm dedicating my project to Mitra.  After all... she's the one that put that first can of spray paint in my hands!

This is what I started with:

I got these pieces at a local church run second hand store.  I sent these pictures to Mitra for some advice... and she gave it freely.. and then they sat... for many months.... two candlesticks and plates from a tiered stand with no ... well... stand... so when this challenge came up I knew right away what I was going to do:

Some black chalkboard, turquoise, and gold spray paint... some Inka Gold and some epoxy and I gave the plates back their tiers.

I added to the top... in Mitra fashion, an old faucet knob and a pretty metal rose (I bought this in Cave Creek in a little Mexican Import shop).

So, here it is with some stuff on it... probably not necessarily the stuff that I will keep on it, but it's one option...

So there are a few more items on here that I altered a bit... some canisters that I saved from the garbage and modge podged some paper on them, an old salsa jar that I modge podged some washi tape and glitter on and my favorite... a little jar that I bought at Hobby Lobby... it was a clear blue jar and Mitra and I sprayed the inside with some mirror paint and oh man oh man... I'm gonna make some more of these!

So thanks for taking a look at my project... I think I'll be wielding a spray paint can more often now... although I think I better invest in a good mask because I do think I inhaled a little too much in the way of fumes... please do play along with us this month-I can't wait to see what you make!  And be sure to check out the LESSology Blog again tomorrow for some more organizing awesomeness!

Nov 8, 2016

LESSology Challenge #64: Creative inspiration of Yvonne Yam

 photo Challenge 64 Lets get organized Design Team_zpsafqkzpnc.jpg

Are you rummaging through your container stash to see what you can upcycle for LESSology Challenge #64: Let's get organized? Let's check out what design team member Yvonne Yam came up with.

Yvonne Yam photo Design-team-member-Yvonne.gif

I love transparent glass bottles because they offer a world of possibilities when it comes to decorating them. I used 3 in my stationery caddy project. :)

Here is my stationery caddy! 

The base is from the packaging from canned abalone. I just added some lace, pearls and pretty embellishments.

This one was a chipped glass beaker from an old French press. 

This was an old decorative jar that had seen better days.

This was an old jam jar.

I kept to the same neutral colour palette for all 4 pieces for a cohesive overall look. I'm using this stationery caddy for an upcoming birthday party. Hope you will join us in our very last challenge. 

Nov 7, 2016

LESSology Challenge #64: Let's get organized!

 photo Challenge 64 Lets get organized_zpsabgq3pdk.jpg

Hello there fellow green crafters! This is our very LAST challenge at LESSology and we hope that you will find time this month to play along with us. Since it's nearing the end of the year, we thought we should have you organized for the upcoming year. Yes, create a project that helps you get organized for LESSology Challenge #64: Let's get organized!

You can create some folders, decorate some drawers, make your own organization caddy..the possibilities are endless!

Remember, you can create any project you like as long as you include at least ONE upcycled item on your project. Please let us know what is is in your blog post as it may not be apparent to us.

Here's a little RAK for this month's winner.

 photo Challenge 64 Lets get organized sneak peeks_zpsgfdlld9p.jpg

Here's a sneak peek of the design team's projects.

Ready to play along? Please link up your newly created projects featuring the theme Let's get organized via Inlinkz by Sunday, December 4, 11.55pm (EST).