Sep 21, 2015

LESSology Challenge #50: Zip me up! winners

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Well hello there friends! It was awesome to check out your wonderful creations using zippers! Thank you for playing along with us. Without further ado, the winner for LESSology Challenge $50: Zip me up! is....

Congratulations Ela17! You are the winner of LESSology Challenge #50: Zip me up! Please send us an email so that we can send you your RAK!

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And now for our Top 3...


Congratulations Pooja, Mary and Sindhu! :)

If you have time, we would love for you to play along with our current challenge - LESSology Challenge #51: It's reading time!

Sep 11, 2015

LESSology Challenge #51: Creative inspiration of Lizzy Hill

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Are you always creating for your loved ones? Perhaps, you could create something for LESSology Challenge #51: It's reading time! that is just for design team member Lizzy Hill.

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Hi there!  Today I'd like to share with you something I've been working on for ages.
But FINALLY finished for our 'reading' challenge:

 Originally it was a book from a local church

It was a sort of diary as to the events on in 2014.

 I really liked some of the images inside, but I didn't need nor want a diary from last year.

For ages it sat. Then I thought how I ADORE my Instagram photos, but never print or scrap them.
So, this has become a repository for these photos.

They cover all areas of my life.

From our garden, to pretty things - just stuff I like to take photos of. Like food!

As you can see, it's not a fussy or fancy book. The focus is the photos. However, I did 'switch' it up a bit on some pages.

I even tried a bit of 'zentangle'. This book is all over the show. A bit like me at times!

Even so, I love it. Hope this inspires you. I know you're going to LOVE this challenge.
The DT girls have come up with some brill interpretations of it.Can't wait to see yours!
Happy scrapping ~ Lizzy ♥♥♥

Sep 10, 2015

LESSology Challenge #51: Creative inspiration of Mitra Pratt

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There are so many fun ways of interpreting LESSology Challenge #51: It's reading time! Let's see what design team member Mitra Pratt came up with.

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Our challenge here at LESSology this month is to:  Incorporate a book in your project. You can decorate a book or make a book. 

I chose to decorate a book, but one without the cover...and all spread out like a pretty little wreath! 

I love book pages and I've done a number of projects with them. I love them best when they are old and slightly tattered. I have been HOARDING this book for a couple of years now. It has pictures in it and the stories are pretty lame (I think it was for little girls working on their reading or something) so I didn't feel too badly about tearing into it.) I am saving the cover for another project (again with the hoarding!)

I liked having some of the images peek out of the edges of the folded pages. Really loved how those rolled roses added to the vintage flair! And how do you like that can lid? I added an image and some clear epoxy along with some liquid pearls. 

It's pretty simple to fold these to make your own. You start with cutting the book page square and then rolling them. I then pressed them flat and used a staple to secure them. Just make sure you fold them all the same way. 

I used mini staples to hold them together. I then stapled all the pages together in a flower shape.

I made a second layer of smaller pages (just cut them slighly smaller, but in a square) to finish out the wreath.

I sprayed some gold spray paint on the edges & slightly splattered the black doily. Finished off each corner with some metal pieces & chunky glitter.  This wreath is headed to my friend Debbie who had us over recently for a crafternoon. She has all kinds of vintage in her house and I hope she enjoys it!

Sep 9, 2015

LESSology Challenge #51: Creative inspiration of Tone-Lill Angelskår

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Hello there LESSology friends! Are you ready for another round of awesome creative inspiration? Check out what design team member Tone-Lill Angelskår created for LESSology Challenge #51: It's reading time!

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Hi there, it is me, Tone-Lill, who has the privilege today to show you what I made for our challenge #51 It's reading time, where it is to use a book on your project together with at least one upcycled item.

It must be 2 years ago my best friend gave this Dylusion Creative Journal, and it has been waiting for
me ever since to start being creative and take it into use. So here I had the opportunity to start my AJ journey..

Here is the front cover of the book and my upcycling item(s) I wasn't sure if I would use them both or just one of the plastic covers to create a shallow box on the front  of the book to keep little metal charms.

Here are some more little bits and bobs I thought I might would use, including the plastic cover from the Prima tiles, and I guess that means some more upcycling too.

After I had glued on all the embellishments, bits and bobs onto the front cover( which I forgot to take a picture of),  I took a roll of aluminium "tinfoil" tape and carefully started to stick it on, covering the whole front page while pressing and pushing the tinfoil into every little dent and contour. When finished, you can  now see all the silhouettes around the embellishments.

After adding some more blings, sticking to silver and metalic colours, this is what my AJ book cover looks like when finished.

The upcycled plastic cover was glued on upside down to serve as a small box for little metal charms, some of them I have got from my friend who gave me the AJ book. These lovely little white and shiny flowers are also a gift  from a friend, and they were perfect for this challenge :)

The contours really comes out from under the tinfoil tape.

The skull got 2 glass beads for eyes, and it looks pretty cool with its little crown.

This is how I got inspired to use a book for this challenge, and it has endless ways of how you want to interpret the challenge. Dig out some fun stuff to upcycle, incorporate a book on your project and come and surprise  us with your finished creation, we love to see what you have come up with :)

Sep 8, 2015

LESSology Challenge #51: Creative inspiration of Yvonne Yam

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Is your head spinning around with fabulous ideas for LESSology Challenge #51: It's reading time!? Perhaps a mini fabric book album? Or a chipboard book album? Why not check out what design team member Yvonne Yam came up with?

Yvonne Yam photo Design-team-member-Yvonne.gif

These days I've been obsessed with drawing and painting faces in my altered book art journal. 

So, I decided that I would do the same for the cover of my journal.

I started with this book cover...

I adhered strips of patterned paper scraps with matte medium.

After a coat of white gesso to prep the surface, I went in with some shimmering mists and a stencil. [If you want to totally cover up the patterned papers, you might need a few coats of gesso.]

Next I went in with some acrylic paints...

Then I drew and painted my mixed media girl...

It was so much fun! And I love seeing the subtle patterns from the patterned paper base. Hope you will play along with LESSology Challenge #51: It's reading time! :)

Sep 7, 2015

LESSology Challenge #51: It's reading time!

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Hello there friends! This month's challenge is all about books! Yep...incorporate a book in your project for LESSology Challenge #51: It's reading time! You can decorate a book or even make a book. It can be a mini-book too. Totally up to your interpretation. We look forward to seeing your creative ideas! :)

Remember, you can create any project you want as long as it includes ONE upcycled item. Please indicate what it is in your post as it may not be apparent.

Here is this month's prize. :)

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Here is a sneak peek of the design team's projects...

Ready to play along? Please link up your projects featuring a book via InLinkz [located at the end of the post] by Sunday, Oct 4, 11.55pm (EST).