Jun 6, 2012

LESSology Challenge #15: Creative Inspiration of Julie Tucker-Wolek, Lynnda Hosni and Yvonne Yam!


Ready to see more ideas for your very own bookends? Check out what Julie Tucker-Wolek, Lynnda Hosni and Yvonne Yam have up their sleeves...

Julie Tucker-Wolek
 Hi everyone! I am super excited about this month's challenge! I love book ends and I had the "perfect" ones to alter! lol-- not really -- the guys on my book ends kinda creeped me out - so I am happy I had an excuse to alter them! lol! :)

Yes -- these are hand carved little guys on here -- and I am sure that someone made them with some amazing craftsmanship-- but to be honest -- they really did creep me out!! lol!! So off they came!! 

Once they were off -- I spray painted the base pieces off white -- then added Graphic 45 Kraft paper to the base -- and then added some Studio Calico mists on top of the paper and spray paint --- I also took these ordinary rocks and painted them bronze to go with my theme --  

And here is what I made with my book ends --

I fussy cut a ton of Graphic 45's paper!!

Can't wait to see what everyone creates!! ~~Julie

Hey...It's Lynnda...I'm pretty excited for LESSology Challenge#15: The Bookend Challenge...I've been meaning to do bookends for my girly trashy corner{SPOOKY!!!...Telepathy, I dare say!!}.... Okay...let's confess...that's my "dark-side" I love reading trashy novels...before I go to bed... I know I know!!!..Oh well...everyone has their own "vice" eh!!!...[[he he he]]

Oh well...Not just a paper hoarder but I'm officially a "recycle hoarder" too!!!
This is the clothing tag from Matin's shirt
This is how I altered my bookends...
oh yeah...I bought these bookends from a $2 shop..{bargain perfect for crafty}

I can't wait to see how this challenge inspires YOU!

Yvonne Yam

Hello there friends!  I recently added a new desk to my bedroom [I used to craft from a pull-out table] and have to make sure everything I use is aesthetically functional given space limitations.

Bookend project

So my bookend is also "home" for my remote controls. I adhered scrunched-up wrapping tissue to a wooden container, then heavily "distressed" with inks, embossing powers and mists for a weathered look.

Here's how it looks on my craft table, propping up my sketch journals....:)

Have these awesome ladies given you more ideas for LESSology Challenge #15: The Bookend Challenge? We would love to see your entries! :) 


Linda said...

OH wow ladies these are all wonderful. I think I had the most fun with this challenge.

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Love love love love your projects Lynnda and Yvonne!!! GORGEOUS!!!!!

Lynnda said...

Julie OMG... Look at you huh!!! Stoked...how your bookends turned out!!! Amazingly stunning!!! You nailed it!!!

Yvonne... perfect... 2in1... couldn't be any better!!! excellente!!!...


Shahrul Niza said...

Oh my ladies!!. I'm about to jump off my seat looking at all these amazing creations!. LOL. Fabulous work!.

cotts said...

These are all so inspirational...I have not decided what to do yet, the thoughts are all running around in circles but when they stop I will start!! These are great projects...I hope the men from the bookends are still comfy somewhere!

Jan Garber said...

Wonderful ideas! Especially all of that luscious Gr45 paper! So pretty!

~amy~ said...

You gals rock!!!