Jan 15, 2013

LESSology Challenge #21: Creative inspiration of Linda Lapotka


Hello friends. Today we have a really cool project from design team member Linda Lapotka for LESSology Challenge #21: You are my sweetheart.

Linda Lapotka

The death of the furnace brought forth the birth of Mr Cool.
It all started around Thanksgiving when I was advised to replace the thermostat, which I did. 

Then a new electrical panel was installed. I kept the old one. Still the furnace would not stay lit.  

 January 3 the old  furnace was hauled out and an new one was brought in with a new thermostat. I collected the parts and Mr. Cool was born. He is a real sweetheart!  I added an old strainer, a paint stirrer, cardboard tubing, a frame, a tea strainer, and a beating heart all with wire. 

I know my creation is a little different but I had the heart of my furnace just sitting there begging to be used in this challenge. I hope you like my creation and that you will join us this month for the “You are my sweetheart" challenge.

Here is a video telling more about Mr. Cool.

Hope Linda's project has got you thinking "out-of-the-box" for your creations for LESSology Challenge #21: You are my sweetheart. We would love to see your entries! :)Please read our challenge rules  to ensure eligibility for our prizes. :)


Pooja said...

Really Its very different and creative too !

Shahrul Niza said...

O my gosh, Linda!!. This is super amazing, Mr Cool!. LOVE LOVE him.

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

This is simply amazing Linda!! I love it so much!! Very creative and cool!!!!

Unknown said...

I say that Mr. Cool makes the furnace's death well worth it. He looks cool and you are definitely very creative with it! The question still remains though: have you already replaced your furnace? It's been months already, so I hope you already did. Thanks for sharing!

-Harris Aire Serv

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

I can imagine the looks it gets when people see the inside of your home for the first time. And you can go say “That’s Mr. Cool, he manages the furnace. Don’t mind him”. That would baffle them. Hopefully you don’t have problems with the new furnace, or we might see a Ms. Cool in the offing. XD

Levi @ CapitalPlumbing.ca

Unknown said...

Your creation is indeed different but is definitely awesome. Winter is fast approaching, so I really pray that you've replaced your furnace by this time. He may look cool and attractive, but then again, we shouldn't settle for improvised heaters in times of cold winter days. :)

Shelley Coday @ CandCheat.com

Unknown said...

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