Jul 4, 2013

LESSology Challenge #27: Creative inspiration of Mitra Pratt

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Enjoy the creations so far from the design team? Let's check out design team member Mitra Pratt's take on LESSology Challenge #27: Packaging Central.

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I am a box hoarder.

There, I've come clean. Long after whatever device I have is long gone, I've still got the box!

Take a look at this bad boy. It's black, sturdy, and awesome!

Perfect for messing around with!

I decided to make it into a shadow box and cut a circle out of the lid. Took a bit of doing though, so you have to stick with it!

I have had these circle cutters from Creative Memories for a trillion years and they still are a go-to tool for me. I had them long before those magic electric cutters we all have. You cannot put a box lid in a Silhouette no matter how hard you try, so I imagine I'll have them for a long while after too!

After getting the circle cut in the center of the box top, I used gesso and alcohol inks on the inside.

I cut out a piece of patterned paper for the background.

Next was the fun part, adding a sparkle modge podge, pearl-ex paint, and all the goodies inside! The edges on the top of the box are foil doilies with ink rubbed into them.

The bottom of course are some up-cycled thread spools. I opted to keep the thread on them as I thought it looked really cool! Plus, the thread is a bit old, so not all that great for sewing with anyhow.

The really cool part about upcycling is that it is fairly cheap! The only cost I had was in a downloadable reusable image. I grabbed this one from Nicecrane Designs for $4.50, but can print out as many images as I want! The moss was from our woods and the the flowers & shrooms were all in my stash!

Here is a side view of my box. I am loving that butterfly! Something else from my stash that I added alcohol ink to!

Please come play along if you would! Get those boxes and packaging material upcycled into something fun!

Such a fun and creative project! Now let's see your take on LESSology Challenge #27: Packaging Central.


Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Wow wow wow wowwwwwwwwwww! This is amazing Mitra!!!! I love the gnome scene you created!!

SD pooja said...

This is seriously amazing up-cycling !loved the wonderful scene you have created with those cute mushrooms !

jeanie g said...

Love your Elves little grotto Mitra, the moss and mushies add a fabulous touch. Hhem now you've come clean I'll have to admit too! We must be buddies cos I'm the same about boxes, big or small, fat or thin. Got a cupboard full and I've just discovered if I flat pack them I can get heaps more in there too. lol Mine's on the drawing board atm.

Kirsty Vittetoe said...

Oh wow, that is AWESOME!!!!