Jan 7, 2014

LESSology Challenge #32: Creative inspiration of Kirsty Vittetoe and Yvonne Yam

 photo Challenge-32-You-hold-the-key-to-my-heart-design-team-projects_zps95cce865.jpg 

Little key charms, old house keys, keys that no longer unlock something....well use them to play along with LESSology Challenge #32: You hold the key to my heart. Let's check out what design team member Kirsty Vittetoe and Yvonne Yam came up with...

Kirsty Vittetoe

Happy 2014 to all, here's my project for our first challenge in 2014 - You hold the key to my heart!

Recycled items

1. Some ugly tequila bottle I found in the kitchen (who is drinking? not me!)
2. Ribbons from gift wrap
3. Key detached from an old project (use better adhesive next time!)


back - the white ribbon looks quite pretty after I stained it with brown mist


I don't know what I am going to use this for, but I think sending a bottle of glitters in a pretty pixie dust bottle to a crafty friend is a lovely thing to do!

Come join in the fun!

Yvonne Yam photo Design-team-member-Yvonne.gif

Hello there! It's Yvonne here to share my creative take on LESSology Challenge #32: You hold the key to my heart.

I created a glittered dollhouse on canvas for my niece. :)

I started with an old dollhouse toy which I spray painted in silver... 

Then I covered it with glitter...and added my key charm to the door...

I added a photo of my niece and gave her windows some vintage lace curtains...*winks* 


SD pooja said...

Fantastic Inspirations !

Jasleen Kaur said...

Oh myy!! Beautiful work! Kirsty, I love how so many old items can be brought together to create something as gorgeous as this. Yvonne, glittery dollhouse is just as adorable as your niece. :) Amazing!!

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Wow wow wow!! These are both sooooooooo beautiful!

Radhika said...

Wowww!! wonderful inspirations ..

~amy~ said...

awesome ladies!

Linda said...

Really great projects ladies! Love the doll house all glittered up. That was a great idea.
Kirsty the bottle is so very very pretty. It is so romantic looking.