Aug 5, 2015

LESSology Challenge #50: Creative inspiration of Tone-Lill Angelskår

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Ready for another round of zipper-inspired projects? Let's see what design team member Tone-Lill Angelskår came up with for LESSology Challenge #50: Zip me up! 

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Hello There!In case you have missed it, our August #50 challenge is called ZIP ME UP!....and you can be as creative as you like, using a Zipper in any possible way, together with at least one upcycled item.

I forgot to take a picture of my upcycling items before I started,but it is an old  red zipper, a food-waste bag for recycling bio-waste and a piece of  material from an old pair of jeans.The jeans material is used to reinforce the opening ( the dark line on the right side ) where I have made a pocket on the outside of the card to keep photos and other memorobilias

 I folded the bag in to 3 sections, only sewing the zipper on to the 
top and middle part, leaving the bottom part to be folded inwards.

 I cut off the top of the bottom section of the bag,
 creating pockets on both sides for tags.
This is what it looks like when zipped up.

This is one of the outsides with  ...
...a chain of photos attatched...
and more photos on the backside of the photo chain

I made 2 big pullout tags (to the right) for more photos which are kept in the outside pocket, and there was room for a  #8 manila tag to be pulled out from the top of this front side panel.
here are the backsides of the 2  tags from the picture above
and the last pullout tag  was a big photo and it slides all the way into a large pocket in the paperbag (you can see the folding line on it from where the "bag-card"  folds when zipped up)

This is the inside when finished, using all sorts of leftover papers with stamping,  acrylic paints, plasterboard glassfiber tape, and washi tape, a mix of blings and can ring pull.

The card is made for a neighbour's 50th
anniversary, so the text is in Norwegian.
I have some  old Prima Transparencies, so I did some stamping on a leftover piece from it, for a see- through effect of the  tag underneath.

Pocket section with tags
Front and back side of the 2 tags in the pocket
I added a small envelope onto the back side  pocket
..and here  is the opposite front and back  on the tags.Because of the tight stiching it wasn't room in the pockets to add any extra hight on to the tags, which meant I had to keep them both sort of  flat with no room for embellishments .

Here at LESSology we would love to see your ideas and what you can create with using a zipper.
There are more to come from our DT members over the next couple of days, so be sure to pop back in  for more creative ideas,you won't be disappointed...I promise!

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Lizzy Hill said...

This is amazing....what a wonderful gift...I would NEVER have thought of using a zipper like this. LOVE it!!!